Local 475 Committees


Labour Management Committee 

Consists of the local president, all local vice presidents, and our OPSEU staff representative.
Responsible for:  Bringing forward your concerns to the employer on a regular basis to come to an agreement on a go-forward basis.  This committee is intended to clarify differences in the Collective Agreement, scheduling issues, and any other concerns that are brought up.
President - Jeffrey Eamer
OPSEU Staff Representative - Sophie Shamoon
VP TOH & CHEO - Melissa Pleasance
VP Central - Denise Marion-Quinlan
VP East- Christine Emigh
VP West - Sue Ripley-Girard (Acting)


Return to Work Committee

Consists of the local president and two elected members.
Responsible for:  Representing you during return to work meetings, WSIB applications & appeals, and accommodation meetings. If you have a meeting scheduled with the employer and want your union to attend with you, please let us know and we will be happy to support you.
Chair - Jeffrey Eamer
Denise Marion-Quinlan
Calista Hagarty
Melissa Pleasance


Classification/Pay Equity Committee

Consists of the local president, two elected members and one alternate. 
Responsible for:  Classification of all positions across EORLA to ensure staff are classified properly according to job description, duties performed. this includes any member who feels they are classified incorrectly based on job duties worked above their classification. The Committee is currently working with the employer on the job description for each classification. Once this is complete we will be comparing each classification and the 42 grievances for classification against the job descriptions to see if they are correctly classified.  
Chair - Melissa Coenraad
Rose Omole
Observer - Jeffrey Eamer



 Local Trustees

Consists of four elected members; two delegates and two alternates.

Responsible for:  Reviewing the local's finances twice a year and submitting audit reports to OPSEU Central. 

Melissa Coenraad
Michelle Benoit


Communications Committee

Consists of the local president, three laboratory members and one Protection Agent member

Responsible for:  Providing the membership with up-to-date information through Facebook page, website and direct membership emails. 

Chair - Jeffrey Eamer
Julia Nulis
Megahn Perry
Melissa Pleasance


Bargaining Committee

Consists of OPSEU bargaining agent, the local president, 4 elected members and 2 alternates.

Responsible for:  Bargaining the Collective Agreement with the employer.

Chair - Jeffrey Eamer
Jared Fontaine
Elizabeth Fawley
Corrine Ramey
Melissa Pleasance
Denise Marion-Quinlan
Sue Ripley-Girard